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Monday, January 13, 2014

Make it BETTER!

You know when you create something you can clearly see where it needs improvement?
Anyone suffer the grand delusion that your creation doesn't need improvement- ever?

I recently discovered that I am not deluded nor do I have clarity.
I'm confident on some areas to improve upon, but have no vision as to how to accomplish that.

I do have a great idea how to make Pinterest better.  Not that it will help me, unless having a pin of an illustration on your wall for an extended period of time gives you publishing rights.  Don't worry, I'm not holding out for that.
I do think the pinning site should adopt more of an 'allRecipe' style.

Most of the items I post are crafty, DIY, baking, or 'I wish my house looked like this' kind of pins.  Wouldn't it be handy to search by supply list instead of some word jumble in a search bar?
I envision one of those pages where you can click on the supplies you have on hand and need to use up. 'paint' 'yarn' 'staples', etc
Click on the supplies and the site would filter to any project or post listing those as materials used- FANTASTIC!  Then I would know right off the bat if it was realistic for me to pin the thing in "I'm really going to do this" board or my "just trying to look cool" board.

Simplified idea for my needs and wants.  However, my writing is more difficult for me to pinpoint- or just freaking pin!  Where is the Pinterest board for my writing projects?  I need to just highlight and pin sections under 'needs setting detail' board, 'add character information/emotion' board, 'lacks conflict' board, etc. 

That way if I were feeling 'conflict' I could just go to my 'needs conflict' board and start filling in the gaps on that part of a story project.
Emotional day?  Just click on my 'add emotion' board and  engage in some writing therapy while developing more complex and repayable characters.
Olfactory senses firing on all cylinders?  Pull up the 'setting detail' board and stink up my story.

Definitely a good plan for making it better.

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