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Monday, January 6, 2014

Confessions of one battling a StoryFighter

I've been talking steps to improve my writing skill.
Doing drill and practice (okay, I did those for about three days and found myself distracted with story ideas and all the drill and practice became story puzzle pieces).

Researching method, style, content, and, resources. 
In truth this can be a highly depressing activity, and if I had a standing Zoloft prescription I would be better at this step.  As is, I have to search my house top to bottom for the chocolate remnants left over from Christmas to calm my amateur realizations of how many vast areas I need to improve.  Also, there are a ZILLION successful writers out there- seriously, once you start trying to learn from those willing to share, it's overwhelming... just thinking about the oceans of things I have to figure out-- where's the chocolate?!?

I set attainable goals.  I researched writing goals and time triggers, and even had a cute little saying.  It was actually working great, until I met my own inner nemesis once again- today.
My StoryFighter.

The StoryFighter is that part of me that refuses to get along with all my warm welcoming efforts to write out a story.  I am supposed to be encouraging my characters, coddling their efforts to share their adventures and divulge their true natures. 
However, the StoryFighter likes to trap my characters in setting that they can't get out of. 
Right now two of my characters in a project I'm working on are trapped at a University setting I know too little about to help them, and the StoryFighter keeps researching a butch of crap to make it impossible for them to move on with the storyline.

StoryFighter wants to hide the base and selfish intents of the antagonist, which I would like the characters to reveal and rise above.  I want them to come to terms with their less than favorable nature and make a valid, perhaps not always successful, attempt to improve.
Come on StoryFighter, not everyone is a Tris or a Katnis!  Though there is a big spoiler I could share for those who haven't indulged in their Divergent series yet.  I almost spilled some beans that really agitated my StoryFighter, but the aspiring writer in me LOVED it!

StoryFighter wants flat characters and more explosions.  Huh...  I wonder if Michael Bay has an inner MovieFighter.... 

StoryFighter also has ADD.  Seriously, can we stick to one storyline at a time?  I'm trying to help my characters navigate their existence and StoryFighter is inventing 27 new storylines all crazier and more complicated than the last.  Inception, I'm pretty sure StoryFighter wants to be BFF's with your concept developer, if only to know how they interpreted the last scene.  And also to flip ideas around that most people would think could only come from drug induced brainstorm sessions.

StoryFighter thinks 'when the kids are napping, you should be napping too.'
I might agree with this one.

StoryFighter likes Sudoku, but no one knows why. 

StoryFighter is intent on letting me know that none of the efforts, revisions, and skill building are getting me anywhere.  Thanks a LOT!

I guess I just keep battling.  The only thing worse than dealing with my StoryFighter would be becoming a StoryFighterBattleLoser.

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