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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Grudgingly Returning to a Good Habit.

What is it about letting something slide for more than two weeks that makes it so difficult to pick it back up?

Lifting weights?  I was doing great at that for a good three months; Hello Thanksgiving, goodbye routine.

Up at 6am happily?  Ok, lets gets realistic, I am NEVER up that early with a smile, unless I'm camping because then I can sit by the fire and sip some cocoa.

Writing a weekly blog- who really cares the topic right now, just the fact I put some opinions and experiences on a predetermined template because I have no idea how to adjust it. Ugh, the worst right now.

I haven't stopped typing away on writing the editors worst nightmare, but have no idea how to define the process right now, 

I'm proud of the ground I've made finding resources and other blogs and articles that have fantastic writing advice and connections.  Definitely read Kristen Lamb, if you want experienced words or wisdom.

You know the old idiom "the more you learn, you learn the less you know, or ever knew".
Somehow I've experienced a euphoric drive to hone the skill, or is it just learn some skills? 

But a sheepish hesitation to taut my blunderings. 

Despite having an attainable writing goal established and so far maintained this year, yes I'm claiming an unbroken resolution 4 days into the New Year, I have not set a blogging resolution.

Reality, shouldn't have to set a new goal.  I had a fantastic mediocre habit well established.  I simply let it slide with the mask of Holiday and Family time. 

The trudge of reestablishing a good habit is more painful than establishing it in the first place.  First hand knowledge, *three fingers raised tightly in the air.

So this year my real challenges are getting my slowly growing rear end back on the treadmill and writing whatever crap comes out on a yet to be determined basis, neither of which I have any intention of making into a resolution because they aren't 'ambitions' they are habits that I intend to put the tortured time into reestablishing.  But I will take the time to write out how much I'm kicking myself for letting such good habits lag.


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