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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The More you Give the More you Get!

But, if you don't do your part and write in the first place you will probably be out Intec cold wondering where all the love is...

I'll tell you, it's at WANATribe, MyWANA, and WANACon.

Connect to other writers, bloggers, and tweeters of writing and blogging. 
I am still learning, but the resources and connections are uplifting and encouraging, not to mention educational.

I still have no idea how to make blogging more useful for myself- hence the weeks of absence from the effort.  But I have found editing, revising, scene description, character development, plot arch and other writing skills to be improved.

Connections have also brought better insight into when, where, and how to go about query, submission, self publication and the absolute NEED to have a professional editor phase before you approach any of these coveted steps in your writing process. 
I'm still searching the best editor/revision fit for me- just like finding the right doctor or shrink for you on a professional and personal level.  There is a right fit for you on a genre, professional, and personal level- you better find one! (speaking more to myself than anyone else).

My favorite part about finding online writing connections? 
It just feels good to let someone know they're doing well and you appreciate their example in writing. 
Try it.
Trust me.
It's worth your time to let someone know you appreciate their efforts. 

Write to love; Love to write!

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