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Monday, July 27, 2015

Success and Support and Success

Friends and Critique Partners doing well while you're still pestering agents' inboxes? 

 This is me--trying to get some 'inbox' love'n...

If you're not feeling the momentum to wonderful things, don't panic or feel left out.


Continue to surround yourself with good friends, reaching for success, and apply examples of how they are achieving their goals.

Seriously? Taylor Swift and Lorde are pals. Pretty good example that I'm right about this point.

How do WE, the rest of us non-Taylor Swift pals (at least outside of our imaginations and charity connections) achieve this?
No. Work.

I've compiled an easy to follow list.

Some things I've gleaned from wonderful friends and fantastic writers

(in no particular order):

Never stop trying


Agents aren't going to chase you down and offer representation if you quit.

This includes always seeking opportunities to improve, grow, stretch, and risk. It's difficult and scary. Join the #TalkFear thread hosted by the lovely @Rock_andor_roll to voice the things that try to hold us back in life, but are not permitted to rule ;)


You knew it was coming.
You can't improve without revision.
It's painful and tedious and absolutely required.

Seek a variety of methods to both query, pitch, submit, and learn

Pretend that says: And then he found the Perfect Agent


Be active on social media, blogs, and conferences in order to learn and grow, and let other's get to know how awesome you are

Be true to who you are and represent yourself as honestly and positively as possible.
Don't troll it up.
Don't be a pest, hound, or creepy shadow.
Be the butterfly that is most true
Personally, I lean toward #AwkwardButterfly in an endearing way


Don't let rejections define your talent

But, you wrote a whole book.
Now all you have to do is make that product marketable and you're golden!
Let's face it. This one's hard to do.


Continue to find joy in the success of those around you

(this is common-sense-karma so they can also celebrate with you when the happy news of agent representation or a book deal knocks at your inbox)

It's okay to feel deflated in the process (and evidence you're a human with emotions)

don't stay there.  

I know this from personal experience-the deflation is real.
The picking ourselves back up is real too

Being a writer is not easy.

Enjoy the process and the friends you make along the way.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Favorite Writing Resources: Ackerman and Puglisi

It's a challenge to express emotion in an authentic and accurate way without sounding robotic.
Also, there's this drive as a writer to sound poetic and fresh with every single description...

At least for me the result is something like this.

There are helps to maybe cushion the desktop as we slam our heads against our keyboards:

Get out and experience: Then think about it in front of a mirror, or bring a little make-up mirror when you're out.

Sure, you'll look vain and self absorbed staring at your own face all the time...

Alright, this is an unrealistic suggestion if it's the only thing you use.

Yay, there's more! Here are some amazing HELPS.

The Emotion Thesaurus

"A book to help you write a book?"
So much yes.

Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi are heroes among writers. I think of them as my best buddies because they've captured every range of weakness and made a Go-To-Guide just for me!
They know me so well.

Ok, I suppose everyone is welcome to their awesomeness.

Personally I work on 3x5 cards and list my character name at the top. Using

The Negative Trait Thesaurus:

I plot a character weakness, possible causes, and ways the weakness can be overcome or triggered in that character.

But, let's not leave the character emotionally unbalanced!

The Positive Trait Thesaurus:

Gives a nice rounded balance to each character, with some redeeming quality to round out their flaws. Even side characters have both aspects, though it might not be highlighted in my writing due to a non-importance for the reader to know all the background details in all the characters in a single story.

(rounded visual--in case this one was too confusing)


There is more to the Ackerman and Puglisi awesomeness than my favorite trio of writing resources.
Check out their place online:

Seriously, they know me so well. My best buddies (if they only knew me in real life).