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Monday, August 31, 2015

Interesting Little Known Fact about Writers (at least the ones I know)

Writers challenge themselves in all areas of life.

I've noticed this while building friendships with writers all over the globe of different genres and age ranges.

What people think writers do all day:

Most of my friends create beautiful artwork for book covers and home display, crochet/knit amazing and functional items, quilt, bike competitively, build out of wood or cardboard or anything, run, hunt/fish, boldly shave their womanly heads for no other reason that to be brave and beautiful in their own way, and work full and part time jobs.

I've challenged myself to be mindful of how I balance my life.
These challenges aren't things I set out to do consciously, which might have made them that much cooler, but things I realize ground my life in balance and rich experiences that most, if not all, authors see at every opportunity.

Athletic challenge

I haven't been a runner since my first child was born.
I try to stay in shape, but distance running seemed like a waste of time and energy.
Challenge accepted.
My husband and I agreed to run on a twelve man Northwest Passage Ragnar team. I'll be honest, I was slated for the majority of the easy runs for our van--Until our sixth person dropped out. I didn't go so far as to volunteer for an extra leg, but I did grudgingly accept (with the fear of failure) some longer legs.
I survived!
I still workout regularly, not necessarily seven mile sprints.

Artistic challenge

If you know me well, you know my artistic abilities are limited to cut and paste and doodling.
I'm not knocking those, they're awesome, but not a challenge.
Painting this door red scared the crap out of me. I have no idea if this was the thing that helped us sell our home, but it sold--within a month of being listed, even after I murdered the door.

Social challenge

Family reunions might sound like a weird thing to list as a social challenge. I have high anxiety and suffer worst case scenario syndrome.
I come from a large family. My husband comes from a large family. Our families are very different from each other. We attended overnight family functions for both sides of the family this summer.
This makes me a social gold medalist.

Phobia challenge

I startle easily and have an anxious mind poised for terror around every corner.
Guns freak the crap out of me.
I'm all for supporting freedoms, I'd just prefer to be trained and super safe before handling a weapon.
Some friends who are both trained, and huge into safety, invited us to learn some skills in safe gun practices.
It was amazing. And the .22 rifle gives off a ton more gun powder scent after being fired than a .22 pistol, in case you wee curious. I was.

Being a writer is like cultivating the curiosity and excitement from childhood. You are always trying to find new ways to experience the world you want to write about and share new and vivid life with readers. It's the most alive and fulfilled I know how to live.

A little known fact, writers are hard working and great at experiencing life.

What It Feels Like to Query

Stage the First:

I've been working on this for a year, it's AWESOME!
Every agent will be knocking down my door to rep this.

This is a delusional stage, by the way.

Stage the Second:

I totally nailed QueryShark suggestions to make demonstrate how un-live-without-able this novel is.

Hint: I have never nailed a query, unless the term is being used ironically.

Stage the Third:

Research all agents--like ALL. Achieve stalker level research skills.

How I travel in large cities...

Stage the Fourth:

Develop some serious Agent-Crushes.

Try to follow their specific guidelines from their individual websites and agent pages.
*still screw something up*

Stage the Last:

After you hit send

And you stay in this place for the rest of the day.

These are the reasons I want to puke, live I a hole, and in most ways become nothing more than a freckle after I send more than three queries. Also, I'm really good at being a doofus--not the best way to impress.

Luckily I have an awesome group of writing friends I can turn to and confess my insecurities.
I spent the weekend making a massive list of agents to query.
I revised my query and gave myself a little pep talk.
"These agents are looking for what I have. They might like my style."
I hit send.
Now I feel paralyzed with doubt.
Why does this happen?
I feel like every line of my query makes me sound like a dorkwad.
Like I should purchase buck-teeth and take a googley-eyed selfie to post as my profile picture from now on.
I highly recommend finding a group of writing friends who understand what you're going through as a writer. People that appreciate the work you put in and the product that comes out. I have that, and it's awesome.
It makes this whole process worth it.
I just hit send again.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

#PitchWar Mentee WannaBe

I was hugely impressed with all the mentor blogs.

That's basically the only reason I'm doing the #PitchWars bloghop.
I want you to want me as badly as I want you.
But, I know I'm actually this:

If you're still with me I'm thrilled, and probably a little emotional.

Here goes:

What I love:

Okay that's a given, but it can't go unsaid even still.

My Patronus would be a goat.

And not for the obvious reason that Dumbledore's patronus is a goat.
Goats are not followers. Believe me on this--no matter how painful--they will not follow for the sake of following. 
Goats go to hell, as Cake informs.

Now that my life destination is out of the way...

I'm a Geek.

If you're a mentor who doesn't appreciate extensive knowledge in dorkdom, go ahead and pass on me. I'm full Star Wars dork with Aquabat envy.

I prefer comedy everything, however, I've learned I'm only funny when I'm not trying.
Basically, I'm funny 1/18th of the time because I'm mediocre-always trying to be funny.

I even planned a stand-up comedy routine when I was six including a shock-therapy bit--it was awesome.

Why you want to work with me:
Please pick me if you agree that revision gives you the same feeling as falling in love at the age of fifteen.

Angsty and magical.

Where the MS is all:

And I get fixing and things change for the better, as far as I'm concerned.
Then it gets serious to the point of:

Somehow by the end the MS is all:

Uhm...I love David Bowie.

So I'm a hard working dork willing to put in the time and go to hell and back for an MS that will make agents feel:


I believe in the mentor/mentee relationship.

I WannaBe Your Mentee.