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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Finding a Medium

Medium has nothing to do with balance.
Good, that's out of the way.

I have been trying to illustrate some images and sketches for a couple of my writing projects.  I'm not the world's worst at pencil drawing, but I am inconsistent.
Terrible inconsistent.
If I get an image I like, I have NO WAY of duplicating it in any other pose or setting- it's just one single picture in one single pose that can only be used one single way. 
So not very useful if I need more than one illustration for a story.

I have been beating myself over the head trying to force a skill I haven't spent time to develop or improve on.  It's ne of my favorite past times (pretend like a skill is going to magically grow inside my head without study or practice- I blame The Matrix and Kung Fu for my ignorance).

I managed one sketch I approve of for one story aid.  Yeah!  So proud of me!!!

Even better I stopped trying to dream an undeveloped skill into my finger tips and decided to get back to my old standby- Glue Gun!
Yes, it's a form of being pro-gun.  I'm all for defending my rights!

I pulled out that finger blister contraption and got to work. 
My true medium is globs of glue the temperature of lava and otherwise useless scraps of fabric, ribbons, and buttons. 

I'm not sure if there is a class on improving your glue gun/scrap cutting skills, but if there is I'm sure I'd be a natural and ACE it! 
I can wield the otherwise-discard-able scraps into fabulous miniature dresses and runway worthy frocks (two dimensional versions of course).

You would think all my problems would be solved- but making little bitty flat outfits s really only helpful for illustrating one type of book.  Luckily I have a story line I've been working on in need of that exact illustration.  The rest of my writing efforts are still being battered with osmosis.  I've read basketball players can benefit from practicing in their sleep- If I keep dreaming that I'm an infallible illustrator it's bound to come true "I know art" will be uttered by me some day! (credit Keanu).

For now, I have realized my true medium is in hell-glue.  Or is it glue-hell?

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