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Friday, September 27, 2013

I only just started my blog delving into my efforts at writing.  Yep, still eeking out the first week of documenting my progress in writing. (note that documenting is different than actually writing, I've been working on that much longer than a week).
However, I haven't really made progress. 

I've been tapping at my little magnetic keyboard and watching letters materialize on my screen a few times during the week, but I'm sidetracked.
The first aspiring author to ever be sidetracked?  I sure hope not.  My big concern is that my self doubts might prevent me from re-working enough to make something worthwhile materialize. 
I am not the sort of writer who can produce a flawless first draft.  I don't have the illusion that many writers have that astounding talent either. 
Tackling this is a logical manner is the best I can do.

Step One: Get the idea out of my head and onto paper.  YAY!  I have accomplish that to some extent.  Feeling GREAT!

Step Two: Reread and edit.  I didn't think this through well.  I have over 200 hundred pages of storyline (it's formatted with double spacing and for some reason only feels like it's really 70 pages of writing)  Why does double spacing make my brain think I wrote less when it practically triples the page numbers? 

Step Three:  Realize you are a crappy scene setter!  You mean to tell me that no one else reading my idea knows what the environment and characters look like?  But, they have rich personalities, what more could you want?

Step Four:  Return to the idea of Children's Picture Books!  Oh, yes, you can't draw. Continue with your steps.

Step Five:  Start describing scenes.  Practice mentally by describing rooms and setting throughout your day.  Try writing down some of the settings for your 'idea'.

Step Six:  Rethink first person main character.  I can't seem to reach my secondary characters with one forefront first person speaker.  Can you mix perspectives and not sound like a total lunatic?

Step Seven:  Start Over.  You might have to scrap 200 double spaced paged.  On the bright side, it only feels like 99 pages single spaced. (Yes, the internal page weight went up when I realized I will be reworking pretty much the entire effort so far).

Step Eight:    At this point no one is going to care what the project looks like.  It's a mess, you're a mess, the idea is a mess.  Keep writing your idea on the page but, now in the re-working it form.  So yes, it's going to seem totally different.

Step Nine:  Okay, trying to take on the entire thing at once is proving overwhelming.  I'm going to chunk it!  Genius.

Step Ten:  Work on the first chunk.  Woo Hoo, this is working.  Slowly, but I think it's sounding less flatly one sided.

Still feeling great?...  Yes, you can't crush my optimism self!   
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