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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Blogging.  It's not new, but it feels foreign for someone just getting their toes in the water.
All I can think of while I type is the pen I used to take notes in University.
I wanted to strangle that pen.  Madly scribbling to keep up with lectures only to find, two hours before an exam and eager to cram information into my brain, that my handwriting was illegible!
The irony was that when the pen dried up I was sad and angry.  It was my favorite purple sparkly pen; I'm a girl and not afraid to be girly.  And it was a gel pen so the ink came out even and clear.  Also it cost a butt-load of money in those days.  If you have to spend over a dollar for one limited writing tool it's expensive. 
I found myself the literal murderer of my beloved enemy pen.  I had smeared it's sparkling blood across my pages, was unable to read the dried remains, and mourned it's loss. 

Sitting now I front of a sparkly new writing technology I am cautious and eager.  I suffer from irritable change syndrome or ICS.  I still miss my pen.  On the up side, if spell and grammar check are vigilant my typing is likely to be more legible than my handwriting.   

This is my first attempt at reaching out to the connected world for writing tips and advice, and sharing any little bit that might be helpful to my fellow readers.

I have struggled and battled to accomplish my first published book.  A Children's Picture book titled "O. Potamus" 
I have no marketing skills so that's as far as that accomplishment has progressed.
To be honest, I'm seriously impressed with myself for figuring the steps out to that point on my own.  I feel a sense of ability to find answers and solve problems in my writing goals.

It's amazing what limited experience and minimal accomplishment can inspire in myself. 
I will ride my unfounded dedication to whatever lengths I can scrounge. 
Anyone is welcome to read the gritty ride and encourage me in my efforts.

Also, be aware that I have never claimed to have a professional grasp of English grammar or spelling.  I often fail to realize my misunderstanding of homonyms and apostrophe use.  You're still welcome to edit my posts and can even maintain the hope that some day I will improve. 

Thanks for reading!

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