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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm calling today Tangent Tuesday. 
It's not different than most of my writing efforts- being distracted by way too many ideas and an inability to follow through on the one thing I have been devoted to for weeks.
The only difference today is that I gave into my tangents.

It's been fantastic to allow my brain free reign of ideas and not feel badly about ignoring my hobbling main manuscript.
This is usually a terrible idea for me.  it signals the end of the project in most accounts.

However, since I he just waded through my five year olds fifth surgery thanks to awesome genetics I graciously shared with her, I'm not too worried about whether or not I stick to my goals this week.  I have every intention of getting back to them.

I have managed to stack a notebook with outlines and follow up on a few things I had previously started and stalled.
Mainly my families camp side tales of Joe and Moe the Inter-Galactic Space Explorers have a short tale on my hard drive.  They usually only venture out under the stars of our little family's summer overnight campfires.  Today they managed to get one short adventure written out.  It's simple and something my kids love.   

It has been a productive 'non-productive' day.  And I feel satisfied.  If all my tangent could be so satisfying I think I'd devote all my efforts to being distracted at all times.

If I could only illustrate!  I could actually finish some of these side projects...
Little Rhino could find claim his ISBN for one thing.

Still plunking along at my own pace. 
One way or another I'm determined to have that pace work for me, I'm working on it.

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