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Monday, February 15, 2016


...On Presenting.

I'll be doing my first writer presentation.
Where people sit at my heels and bathe in the wisdom of my experience.

Which boils down to,

Just keep running toward the goal line.

I've prepared. I have a PowerPoint and everything. (I even have plans to share delicious candy)
But, that doesn't eliminate nerves.

Someone shared this:

TED talks. I should watch them on loop.

So I should be ready.
But, it doesn't end now.
I have to practice.
Oh that dreaded word.
The one that makes you tired because you know you demand as much, if not more, from yourself than anyone.






It's coming.

I've prepared. I must practice.

Just like writing.

Every. Day.

I'm going to go over my presentation. Again. Again. Again.
And hope I don't sound like a robot.


Unless I sound like Siri. That robot is alright.

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