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Monday, January 25, 2016

Projecting. How to Pick What's Next

Recently, I completed a first draft.

Which means I'm this far into that project...

While that is sitting--and healing from 'first-draftness', before I go back with the delete button, I have to figure out where to focus my writing energy.

There are other MS in the revision queue, and story ideas lining up for attention.
This is the HARDEST part of writing to me.

I'll think I've decided and then...

...Not decided.

I'm sure having an agent would help--they could look at the pile of choices and say,
"crap, crap...crap. meh, crap... wait a second, this one has promise--oh no, I misspoke, that one's crap..."

My agent would be so awesome--and probably try to kill me.

Being an independent author--or a floundering writer, however you want to label it--a lot of this 'where are my strengths' business is up to me, which really makes the whole 'project roulette' a crap shoot.

Things I use to help me make the most informed choices I possibly can:
This site informs me of which types of MS are being sought by both agents and editors.
Publishing is a fluctuating industry. It's important to know what is being acquired and what is being cooled because of oversaturation already.

Writing Buddies/Critique partners
I am blessed to have a trusted group of fellow writers that I can field for how much weight certain projects might have. It's vital to have those people who can safely inform me, 'maybe not this' and I trust and value their opinion as helping me not waste my time.

Writing groups/networks
Twitter hashtags to do with writing help keep me grounded in both trends and support.
 These tags help me network with people struggling/celebrating with similar writerly experiences. There is no shortage of writers. The support is there,

A last mention of something that helps me determine what to work on--contest horizon. Writing contests happen all during the year. I will often search for contests that interest me in the months to come and determine if I have a project that I can get ready in time to enter.
My book releasing summer 2016 is a contest winner from #PitchSlam 2015
Some others include:
Pitch Madness hosted by Brenda Drake.
Here's her contest schedule for this year--she is one of my favorite and most trusted contest hosts.

There are regular contests from writers on Twitter. Follow fellow writers to learn about upcoming events and opportunities. The best thing I've gained from Twitter is talented and supportive writing friends--even more valuable than contest status is the support and encouragement the writing community shares.

Be Involved.

Now I have to go choose which file to open on my desktop...

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