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Monday, August 31, 2015

What It Feels Like to Query

Stage the First:

I've been working on this for a year, it's AWESOME!
Every agent will be knocking down my door to rep this.

This is a delusional stage, by the way.

Stage the Second:

I totally nailed QueryShark suggestions to make demonstrate how un-live-without-able this novel is.

Hint: I have never nailed a query, unless the term is being used ironically.

Stage the Third:

Research all agents--like ALL. Achieve stalker level research skills.

How I travel in large cities...

Stage the Fourth:

Develop some serious Agent-Crushes.

Try to follow their specific guidelines from their individual websites and agent pages.
*still screw something up*

Stage the Last:

After you hit send

And you stay in this place for the rest of the day.

These are the reasons I want to puke, live I a hole, and in most ways become nothing more than a freckle after I send more than three queries. Also, I'm really good at being a doofus--not the best way to impress.

Luckily I have an awesome group of writing friends I can turn to and confess my insecurities.
I spent the weekend making a massive list of agents to query.
I revised my query and gave myself a little pep talk.
"These agents are looking for what I have. They might like my style."
I hit send.
Now I feel paralyzed with doubt.
Why does this happen?
I feel like every line of my query makes me sound like a dorkwad.
Like I should purchase buck-teeth and take a googley-eyed selfie to post as my profile picture from now on.
I highly recommend finding a group of writing friends who understand what you're going through as a writer. People that appreciate the work you put in and the product that comes out. I have that, and it's awesome.
It makes this whole process worth it.
I just hit send again.

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