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Friday, May 20, 2016

Writing Advice to add to the pile

The longer I write the more I realize...

Writing advice is both awesome and stupid.

I do whatever the ding-dang, butt-splinter can't sit, surge-protector fail, nap laziness, comma deficient run on sentences, cliché your face, I'll metaphor every line if I want to, awkward sentences are my style, it takes to get the words on the cursing page.

My advice?

Write the words. Let them be crap. Let them be cringe-worthy, industry-shunful embarrassment piles of letters arranged half-hazardly with unfinished thoughts as you spew forth the voicey storyline.


So here's the real advice.

Get VOICE in those words--all the VOICE

then, REVISE

That's the secret. Take our smoldering pile of thought puke and find all the diamond shards and ruby crumbs. All the sharp jewels that kept poking your brain to get out--gather them together--go back to those preschool sorting and puzzling skills and make something fridge-magnet worthy.
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