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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Frustrations as Non-TV viewer--Level: A RED BOX

When I want to watch a movie, I go to A Red box.

I never watch movie trailers, because I don't have regular TV. So Red box is like Movie Cover/Title Roulette.

There should be Movie Title trailers: Trailers for Movie Title

So Here It Is:
(note: for fear of trademark infringement I've used a literal 'red box' image here)

Husband: Have you ever heard of any of these movies?

Me: Uh... no.

Husband: Any idea what this might be about?

Aloha, Movie on Blu-Ray, Drama Movies, Romance Movies, even more movies, even more movies on Blu-Ray

*Imagines storyline based entirely on cover image and title*

(Dramatic Movie Trailer Voice)
In a world with separate hello’s and goodbye’s, one island has devised a time saving dialogue that confuses the bejeesuz out of everyone.

“Oh hey…” Stranger waves vigorous hello.
“I’ve been here the whole time, jerkface. I now leaving.”

Not even Emma Stone could save the awkward heartache and broken friendships caused by the time saving word. Until used in a setting where it could accomplished one major goal, redeeming its purpose for all time and solidifying its place in island culture. REUNIONS--of all kinds.
Making family visits last exactly how long they were meant to.

*opens door*
*closes door—thanks cab for waiting* “good visit”
(family inside: “wow, thought she’d never leave.”)

Well, you got the 'In a World' voice down.

*Smiles. Rents Spy--except it's NOT THERE! AHHHHHH!*

*The Red Box wins this round*
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