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Friday, February 6, 2015

Four Stages of Being Humble as a Writer.

The secret to staying Humble... 

Stage 1: Melodrama
When I think I've just written a world shattering deep passage that will win a Nobel prize, or at least a Peabody, and make it to millions of Pinterest boards because it's so profound and life empowering...
animated gifs photo:  deerpopcorn.gif

Stage 2: Action/Adventure
"This action scene is AWESOME!"
animated gifs photo: I challenge you to a duel! f6717d4aa8e43db1da28581.gif
This isn't logical, doesn't make sense, and no one could survive such nonsense.
Run, run, run!!!

Stage 3: Dialogue
"Witty banter-- this is totally working--I'm like multiple-personality-good at writing dialogue!"
animated gifs photo:  tumblr_n43iwcVjpg1qgp5xio1_400.gif
In real life someone would be slapped by now...
Probably a couple times.

Stage 4: Humor
"I'm a comedic genius!"
animated gifs photo: Hey Baby baby-3.gif
What the heck?!? Delete--delete--delete!!!
Close one.

At least maintaining humility is an entertaining process that I have the chance to fix before the world is exposed.

*Write on*
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