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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Less is More

This week I have decided to apply the literary additive that sometimes less is more to my own life.

I started with less writing and more baking.

That lead to less exercise and more weight gain.

I decided to spend less on groceries this week and eat more leftovers. 

This lead to less interest in eating meals and reverting to eating more of the baking goodies.  (They were intended for Holiday celebration/parties, but I will have to start over on that intention).

A book I had on hold at the library came in so I included less sleep and more reading, since the only time I can read without my kids sticking their heads in my face and asking what I'm doing is late at night when they're all sound asleep).

Lack of sleep lead to less patience and more yelling...

I did less laundry and had more piles to shove out of the way.

Suddenly I had less outfit options and discovery of more old clothes hiding in the back of my closet- I forgot how much I liked my green cable knit sweater! (despite the fact it's bulky and adds imaginary pounds).

Somehow my less is more week is turning into more bad habits than less bad habits... 
I guess I should have started with less instant gratification and more self control.

There's always the New Year for such lofty notions. Hopefully my resolutions will last longer than the two entire days I applied the less is more theory. 

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